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Katie's Journal

My Safe Little Corner...

13 August 1988
Hi, my name is katie.

I'm 25, female and live near the sea. I love animals, my family have had pets all my life, and I had my own guinea pigs during my teen years. Since moving out at 20, I have had pet mice and now have a syrian hamster. I have just finished a one year animal care course at the Brinsbury Campus of Chichester College, for which I have been told I have got a distinction but will have to wait until my certificate comes through the post to be sure.

Previous courses at Chichester College include Acting/Performing Arts and IT - all in all a very strange mixture!

My interests include hanging out with friends and family, playing the Sims 3 on my laptop and watching various collections of TV series on DVD, not to mention cuddling my hamster when he allows it.